June 2008

I must say that am Kenyan, and very proud to be one. Najivunia kuwa mkenya.

At times I however feel that some people have completely no business being there let alone leading us. These are two men (I refuse to say hon.) President Mwai Kibaki and Raila Odinga. Yes these two. Surely what do our leaders have in place of the gray matter? They act like thirteen year old adolescents, who think they are adults but are not because they act like kids.Only that its not funny when you are big or old I should say.

Who on earth advices Raila Odinga? I am ashamed of what he says to foreigners. Some of us(infact all Kenyans) are healing wounds, and he is busy talking about Zimbabwe’s election,I am ashamed.

Who the hell deals with Kibaki’s speeches?It cannot be himself thats for sure. All he says best is’upumbaavu!’ or ‘kumbaf’ so he cannot have more solid stuff in stock. I am however disappointed by his speech in Kigali,ati Kenya is safe! Yes thank you its safe, but when has ever failed to be safe for you? When guys were being cruel and inhuman to themselves, killing each other with stones, machetes and even bows and arrows, this guy was busy saying that the country is safe and that there was nothing wrong.When the armed forces used power to harass and further kill some Kenyans, by fire arms, the country, according to him has never been protected as much and citizens had never been in so much security!

So what does it mean telling investors that Kenya is safe? That he admits the he and the rest of his like had put us through pure hell, and that he saw. I know when everyone was crying praying and hiding, he was doing the same, only that he must have been in a jacuzzi.

If there is anyone who should say if the country is safe now, its those who suffered, the local people.

However true the words are, am just pissed of that it comes from their mouths.

Have a serene day!




Oh how I wish I had plans for the weekend!

Perished Mps’ funerals in Kenya.

Remaining Mps want no and absolutely no tax on their fat salaries.

France has lost thoroughly in the Euro games.

Bread costs 35 bob in Kenya.(Like never in history)

Even tougher rules against immigration and immigrants in Europe(illegally living and/or working).

Summer vacations are on their way……

Fête de la music all over the streets.

Surely, I have no reason to smile let alone to party this weekend, despite the last two on the list. Life is not so funny!




Its so bad, so ‘mal elévé’ ,let me say bad manners to listen to someone else’s telephone conversations! Eavesdropping is so, so bad! That said and done, I will mention what my friend overheard.

A very well dressed young guy, in a well cut Italian suit, in the streets, was on his cell phone. My friend is not naughty, so she did not poke her long nose( and ears to what this well groomed guy was saying but they just happened to be close and he was just loud enough for her to get a phrase from him.

N’embouchez pas les noirs he said(this is:do not employ blacks).

 And walked away, if I were in my friends shoes, I would take a photo of him,(with my cellphone)and keep it, it would do me good someday, sometime, or provoke a small talk with him, who cares what he will say?

At that, they both walked away, each his/her own way!

That was not in 1967, it was not during Martin Luther King’s fight for black power, it was not in a world where racial mixture is not an existing factor, no!It was on 18Th June this year, I mean yesterday, in a western world. I must have misunderstood that whole thing, but believe me you, I cannot be wrong, unless someone proves it!

We have a long way to go,no?

Have a liberal day.

I must say that I never hesitate to inform anyone interested about my nationality, am Kenyan!I say with a smile,ever.

I thought I would stop and hide this fact during the after election turmoil at my home-country, but no!Even that did not take my pride away! Hmmmm, am so proud to be Kenyan!

“oh ,so how do you feel about Obama?”

“Really, what do Kenyans say about Obama?”

“You must be so proud of Obama” Are just a few of the remarks am given by the few Americans I happen to meet.

One was particularly interesting.

“That is where a man called Obama comes from”………As if I do not know, I was about to tell him, not that Obama but Obama senior,yes!I decided to shut up! I was screwed, this person ,of about 80,yes,eighty years old, saw me in the queue. I was waiting,just like all clients to talk to this informatic Technician. He had the balls to walk right in front of me, as if i did not exist,or was I that black,we were in the dark,no lights and so…….he simply did not see me?I was mad, he however turned to me, and smiled,I gave him one of those smiles, someone who knows me would say they would rather have me say what I want than give that smile. He did not know me so it worked.I though the was a racist,a sexist or simply a don’t care!

He decided to talk “were you in the queue?”He had a good smile.

“No, go ahead ,its fine”I told him. I was full of rage though!It reminded me of those people back home who would get to a full matatu,or any public transport system and the conductor would ask you(young guys) to give them your place, dis-regardless the payment you make!This of course was before the Michuki system.

He however went on to talk about Obama,his policies,etc,etc.Things which do not particularly interest me! I could not say that its not my thing!

Could these people understand that NOT all Kenyans have a damn love for this guy Obama? I do not dislike him but the fact that he has Kenyan origins does not force me to love him!!

Have a loving day,won’t you?

La vie se passe comme ça;

Vous naissez et vous mourez

entre les deux,vous avez mal au ventre

vivre c’est avoir mal au ventre tout le temps

à 15 ans vous avez mal au ventre parce que vous êtes amoureuse

à 25 ans, parce que vous êtes angoissée par l’avenir

à 35 ans parce que vous buvez

à 45 ans parce que vous travaillez trop

à 55 ans parce que vous n’êtes plus amoureuse

à 65 ans parce que vous êtes angoissée par le passée

à 75 ans parceque vous avez le cancer generaliser

dans les intervalles, vous faites qu’obeir

aux parents,puis aux professeures, puis

aux patrons, puis aux maris puis aux medecins

parfois vous vous doutiez qu’ils se foutes de votre gueule

mais il est trop tard,et c’est alors

qu’un d’entre eux vous annonce que vous allez mourir!

From 99F, by Frédéric B

Well this is to the Kenyans who have been affected by the plane crash!

Well I am one of them.Losing Lorna Laboso and Kipkalya Kones,and of course the plane crew and anyone who was with themtoo, is so heartening.

I must say that I am not so.poltics but there are people who touch us,in more ways than just politics.

I know as Mps they will be replaced,that’s more than obvious and it may sound harsh of me but its a fact and not up to me to change it.But it will never be the case to family, spouses and friends of the victims.

This day is doomed! Not only for me but to Kenyans as a whole.As we toil and moil,with our 24 hr hustle, I feel I must express my deepest feelings.

Five years ago, just after the 2002 election, a similar incident occurred.Black,Kenya was black.This is just horrible for my country to stand.Its a coincidence,a weird one,I am not superstitious,so I will not add or try to deduce anything from it.

What is even heartbreaking is that this will force us to the voting centres once more,isn’t it sad to go back there after what we went through?


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