Well this is to the Kenyans who have been affected by the plane crash!

Well I am one of them.Losing Lorna Laboso and Kipkalya Kones,and of course the plane crew and anyone who was with themtoo, is so heartening.

I must say that I am not so.poltics but there are people who touch us,in more ways than just politics.

I know as Mps they will be replaced,that’s more than obvious and it may sound harsh of me but its a fact and not up to me to change it.But it will never be the case to family, spouses and friends of the victims.

This day is doomed! Not only for me but to Kenyans as a whole.As we toil and moil,with our 24 hr hustle, I feel I must express my deepest feelings.

Five years ago, just after the 2002 election, a similar incident occurred.Black,Kenya was black.This is just horrible for my country to stand.Its a coincidence,a weird one,I am not superstitious,so I will not add or try to deduce anything from it.

What is even heartbreaking is that this will force us to the voting centres once more,isn’t it sad to go back there after what we went through?