Its so bad, so ‘mal elévé’ ,let me say bad manners to listen to someone else’s telephone conversations! Eavesdropping is so, so bad! That said and done, I will mention what my friend overheard.

A very well dressed young guy, in a well cut Italian suit, in the streets, was on his cell phone. My friend is not naughty, so she did not poke her long nose( and ears to what this well groomed guy was saying but they just happened to be close and he was just loud enough for her to get a phrase from him.

N’embouchez pas les noirs he said(this is:do not employ blacks).

 And walked away, if I were in my friends shoes, I would take a photo of him,(with my cellphone)and keep it, it would do me good someday, sometime, or provoke a small talk with him, who cares what he will say?

At that, they both walked away, each his/her own way!

That was not in 1967, it was not during Martin Luther King’s fight for black power, it was not in a world where racial mixture is not an existing factor, no!It was on 18Th June this year, I mean yesterday, in a western world. I must have misunderstood that whole thing, but believe me you, I cannot be wrong, unless someone proves it!

We have a long way to go,no?

Have a liberal day.