I must say that am Kenyan, and very proud to be one. Najivunia kuwa mkenya.

At times I however feel that some people have completely no business being there let alone leading us. These are two men (I refuse to say hon.) President Mwai Kibaki and Raila Odinga. Yes these two. Surely what do our leaders have in place of the gray matter? They act like thirteen year old adolescents, who think they are adults but are not because they act like kids.Only that its not funny when you are big or old I should say.

Who on earth advices Raila Odinga? I am ashamed of what he says to foreigners. Some of us(infact all Kenyans) are healing wounds, and he is busy talking about Zimbabwe’s election,I am ashamed.

Who the hell deals with Kibaki’s speeches?It cannot be himself thats for sure. All he says best is’upumbaavu!’ or ‘kumbaf’ so he cannot have more solid stuff in stock. I am however disappointed by his speech in Kigali,ati Kenya is safe! Yes thank you its safe, but when has ever failed to be safe for you? When guys were being cruel and inhuman to themselves, killing each other with stones, machetes and even bows and arrows, this guy was busy saying that the country is safe and that there was nothing wrong.When the armed forces used power to harass and further kill some Kenyans, by fire arms, the country, according to him has never been protected as much and citizens had never been in so much security!

So what does it mean telling investors that Kenya is safe? That he admits the he and the rest of his like had put us through pure hell, and that he saw. I know when everyone was crying praying and hiding, he was doing the same, only that he must have been in a jacuzzi.

If there is anyone who should say if the country is safe now, its those who suffered, the local people.

However true the words are, am just pissed of that it comes from their mouths.

Have a serene day!