I am a believer,I know that God exists,I know that he lives.

Anyone else can say and believe and what they want,mine is satisfactory,as far as am concerned.

This is just about one Ingrid Betancourt.She is a damn believer ,this lady.After spending six good years under the FARC,the rebel army in Colombia, she was yesterday set free,by the army. She says it was God’s hand that delivered them,and that it is a miracle.Diring the six years she kept praying.

God said wait to her prayer to be set off, for six long years.As she waited,she said jokingly that she has studied the FARC and has their Masters and PhD.

Now she needs to catch up with the lost times.Am sorry to say that am one of those who had lost hope in seeing her undetained,live and kicking,the latest photos ,a few months ago were compromising.

All the joy and happiness to her family and friends.