I love Paris,really. Everyone who is here,I believe does. Putting aside tourist who are here just to love it ,and the French Parisians who have no otherwise.I mean loving it for what it is!Thats what I feel for Paris.

Talking a walk with a friend sometime back, he just told me,”with all one sees and what one feels here,it is surely hard not to love Paris”.I know what he meant, because I felt he was describing me!

That said and done,I will talk about my passion,at least as at now-Salsa.

This leads to why I praise Paris, one can find a thousand and one places to dance to salsa,to learn or simply to listen to this kind of Music….No doubt one would say, but hey,last weekend was just the bomb!

I have been thinking that I have been to most or almost all these places,but on Sunday,I just told myself detrompes-toi,there’s more to see.

Normally, I avoid going out on Sundays ,especially late at night.Monday has its own stuff so I need to be more than just in great form.But this one was exceptional.I had not danced on Saturday,since am somehow addicted lately,I could not see the weekend just pass by.

My friend is great,she always gets lots of new Latina clubs.One was even Irish but played pure Latino music.  Paradoxic?

This one this time round was in one famous quartier Latin.Though Paris has everything, this quartier too has everything.A whole mix of cultures,lots of monuments,a beautiful Fountain ST. Michel, and close to it, Notre Dame de Paris,the one pretty,and sooo touristic Church. This club in quartier Latin  just dumdfounded me.I was thrilled. It is situated in some tiny street,you would not imagine, that makes it even more sensational. Its got like three tiny  underground sales,and hey ladies,its free for you till nine pm. Men,mnajipanga,you just pay, nothing much.

We were few in there,so it made things easy.I thought I was about to say that I can dance Salsa well,but looking at those feet, those South American guys are good!Consolation,that is their thing, just like a Kenyan is good at sending please call me thank you sms.I will still take a glimpse in flashback then practise all week,in preparation of next weekend.In the meantime,I have to look for this Colombian guy’s phone number,I will need it,bearing in mind thet there were many Colombians in our new discovered pub.

I danced with one guy, a south American of course(from Peru to be precise) who told me that he did not speak French,and while I did not speak Spanish except for Je te illamo (or something like that), we did not talk. But I loved dancing with him.

I am looking forward to going back there!I was like the only African ,which makes me at times uneasy,but those guys were just good. They are not discriminative,like some place I once attended and vowed never set my foot.Oh,unless am well armed.To come some day….!

Well long live Salsa,and long live Salsa lovers.