How many Eiffel Towers are there in Paris?

This was a question asked in the US,sometime back,and I saw it on TV,it was real and believe you me,guys are just unbelievable!One said two, another said many,and another had no idea.Before you give crazy answers,I will tell you,its only one!!!

My weekend was still another cool one.As usual I went to a salsa pub, a completely different place.It was lovely.To make it more interesting,we had a salsa lesson then in a brake, we had like a reggae tone lesson.Just a five minute thing and it was lovely to see how the whites do their thing.I had fun,I just could not stop laughing.

That was it for Sunday night.Yes,on Saturday,I was bored,life can be long and tiring!But on Sunday my moral was up and my friend and I got this place and decided to take a look.Its noted,we will be going back.

On Monday,its the famous 14 juillet.All about the revolution française. In short its a public holiday,no going to work!!

I was screwed.We kind of missed the march.Those who were in Kenya for the past 2 decades know what I mean,if I say its Jamhuri day and things are going on at Nyayo Stadium.With all the armed forces ,oh,its crazy.Ok,I did not wake up early,being out all Sunday night,I thought I was strong enough to make it like nine or latest ten to see them marching.I got there at midday,only to see the last camions de guerre leave.Take photos(silly ones) with those nicely dressed guys,and of course drool over firemen.Paris firemen are hot,I have a soft spot for them.I told a friend this,a Parisian and he told me that he did not give a damn about them,and did not find them hotter than anyone else.I was pissed and told him that he was jealous,of course he denied saying that he had no reason to be!(Just read on,what happens later).

We just hanged out,went to the movie,watched Hancock(Oh just loved it,thanks again to Will Smith) till like six pm or something,then decided to go to champs de mars,the gardens around the Eiffel tower.It was lovely but far too hot.My black skin was getting not only darker but intolerant to the heat.Oh I had to leave wazungus to tan,I went to my place,its like a twenty minute walk to the tower.I took the subway,I was too hot to carry my feet.

I went back at around 8:30 pm.Took some food stuff with me,my friends too.We were going to picnic,just like everyone else.It was a long long dinner full of crisps,biscuits,coca cola and wine. We talked about all and nothing.I kept asking my Brazilian friend who dates a fireman,if his boyfriend has single buddies at work.The answer was yes ,of course but………!

There were thousands and thousands of people,varying in race,religion and origin.Oh my,I had never seen so huge a crowd,just for the french ‘Jamhuri’ day.People are real patriots.The rest are real tourists!

During this time was a well organised concert,it was lovely and James Blunt was there!I only saw him on the huge screen,he was lovely.He sung 1973, and the new one too,can’t remember it now.When he was called to stage,I jumped and screamed like a mad person,oh maybe I was at the time,but it did not matter,James Blunt was there!!

At a quarter to 11pm,I think,was the time we had all been waiting for.The fire works session.

Finally came the time when we had been waiting for like an eternity.It was magnificent.Purely sensational. I could not help taking photos and filming the whole thing.My  camera did me the last thing I expected from it,after seven minutes of work.It just went off,changing bats, had no effect.(I will leave right away to the place I bought it,I will complain till they repair it).I was grateful, it allowed me to watch the whole scene with no disruption.I therefore appreciated the event.The sparks were handsome,the music accompanying it was harmonious

It was half one hour of exceptional beauty.I have always thought the Eiffel tower was pretty,last night,I proved it(or rather I had it proved).It was lovely.

I thanked God for giving me the life,and good health that I made it to see this event.It was a glorious moment.Long live my love for Paris.

At around midnight,half the people have left thank goodness.We now met(and made) other friends who were just lost in tha crowd.We decided to go to the firemens’ bal,which is held yearly on the 14 July,all night.My friends (the guys) including the one who said did not care and was not interested by them,was so enthusiastic…..hmm,I thought he did not like them.Well firemen of Paris are also great party people,yes.And there we danced in a circle.We were like eight or ten of us.Oh it was lively,and wanted it to continue for a lifetime.It however downed on me that I had to get some sleep,I must be in good shape for the day’s work.I have errands to run.

It was sad,I had to leave my friends.They were dancing,so crazy,so bad.Hey,life’s good!

I jumped to bed at three am,set three alarms and prayed that at least one would wake me up.And yeah,I got up,and am good so far.

Once again,long live my love for the Eiffel Tower, and for Paris.