Last night was just a summer night like any other.I had promised that this summer would be a crazy one. So I go out by night and sleep by day.Infact am dozing off,now,yet I need to be up in a few hours,to go dancing.

I got myself a new stand,no giving contacts to these guys I meet here and there they have a real wide imagination,sex.Yes that is how creative and imaginative they are.Since they think I might have the same thinking,they look at my fore head and read,oh,sex bomb! So its simple,no afterwards,here and its over.

Am not saying there is anything wrong with sex but I think am on a sex break,as at now.

This explains it. I met this guy and I think I liked him,as easy as that.

One thing is for sure ,am not in love with him.So far from that.He is hot.I mean it,very hot.Am even wondering where the drooling me went.When I first saw him;I Was like,oh damn!This guy is hot.We exchanged numbers,after a small talk.He just made me learn that we share the same passion:Salsa.

Since he has been into it for like three years now,I was making him even sexier.I will no longer go out with non salsa dancers,at least for now.Unless its just a small drink thing!

So as things are we kept in touch.Last weekend he was away but I just went out with my friends as usual. He came back but guess what?None of us bothered to call the other,cool!I felt bad and told myself “oh F you,what the hell are you thinking?” I got over it and I was like,life’s Good,and short.

Just as I was dancing with some guy,I heard my name called out by a familiar voice. I lift my head and its him!!!

Oh I hate coincidence!I felt horrible.Its like someone spoilt my salsa night.Yet he was cool,so cute,with his hot smile.I was falling in love with this place.I only stayed till midnight then left. He later called to find out if we were still there or were going to leave together.Hell no!We did not come together so we leave just as we came.I will go back today(no tonight),and hope I will not bump into him.

Have a lovely day people!