Well, summer and its fun is gone.The whether too has changed,drastically. From 18° to 8° in the morning.

I am also doing lots and lots of registration processes.Its hectic. Bumping into new and confused faces on the corridors.One of course worse than the other.

One thing is for real,am one of those confused ones.I feel its the first time am walking up and down those stairs.Like its the first time am fixing eyes on those wall hangings and notice boards.Like its the first time an setting foot in those buildings. I feel worse than a Form one.

Eveything sucks,everyone is so boring.

Next week is when lectures begin.

I am wondering how things will be.Hope time drags so that winter will not be here so soon.At least not before I get used to the new lecturers and the  other students.None of them is wearing a smile,are they all sick?Those I used to see last year seemed warmer.Oh,am wrong,this year’s are all intellectuals.Maybe the library will always be full of students and the shelves empty,all books borrowed.

I just can’t wait,at least for next week.So far I have been laughing.One was asking me what she should chose because she did not understand whats expeced of her. I was asking which faculty I am in. Whoever made summer so long,is the one to blame.