Well,it was time I did it.There is no way I will just brush off my feelings,my heart’s desires.

He is haunting me…………!!!!!!!!

I took my cell phone and went on to scroll his number down the repertoire.

I had nothing to lose,maybe just maybe,a little bit of dignity but that’s all.

I had a damn crush on him………people do,why not me……….he is hot………why wouldn’t I?

I have reasons why I had to.One is because what I felt and still feel for that matter, is real.Am not talking of the short time, and part time lovers,no.Mine was concrete.And am almost certain that he feels the same too.

Two,to add to that is the fact that my phone is the worst thing hat I ever owned,I cannot erase a number that I have saved.So its motto is: Once in,Never out!

I dialed,I was determined,but before I heard anything on the other end, my cellphone rang.