Kenyans are a crazy lot.I know it,and I love it.

But to be sincere,there is a limit in everything we do.

Just like anyone else who had no say in the US elections,I wished Obama would win.Barack Obama.

Am glad.God and God Bless America.

Now back to Kenyans.There is a sleeping dragon in me…..almost revived… is about to come out of the dragon’s gigantic mouth!…………..!!!

I want to give a shower,of fire of course, to one Kibaki and his government.

Our wound are healing and the guy is going to onether man’s house,to drool over a cake that he does not have a share ,and no one will even give him a taste.

Our Nation was one of the first  to felicitate the new elect of the States. Good,I am not contesting it. Personally,I would have done the same…………

I might be sceptic,but surely going to the extent of getting a day off,isn’t it too much? One would say am jealous that I will not profit from it………;it sounds true……!Ati a PUBLIC HOLIDAY!

We need to look at our political system before we go clinging to the Us and their achievements…!

Look at Mc. Cain……he is a man…Hope Kenya will do that soon,with no egg-throwing, panga-carrying and arrow shooting citizens,as soon as election results are announced.