“Oh,how I hate you winter!!”

Winter,this season is truly the worst thing nature offers.What should I do to evade it? Its driving me crazy,am even searching for cheap tickets, and am notgetting any! Well I have to console myself,what I cannot run away from, have to live with.If anything,it is stupid to go home for two weeks in plain winter,I will freeze to death when I come back.Let the cold just kill me slowly.Am not the kill me quick type.

It is already 7°!!

Why on earth am I single?Dear gods,why am I in this state? Could one living angel drop from the skies? To rescue me?

Why aren’t I a fish,a whale or even a frog?No, a koala.

If I were double(not single),I would cuddle the other one every night,that would generate heat,of course during summer I would not want to set my eyes on him(or her,or it)!Of course,his duty is to generate heat,no more, no less.

If I was a fish,life would be good,the cold, a few degrees lower than this,would not bother me.But I would have loved to be a koala,I would have made it through this winter………..but I am not in any of the situations.

I got a small solution,I no longer leave my windows open. “Dear bed bugs,please,if you happen to read this,or if any of your friends tell you,do not invade my flat,please.”

Ten minutes is the maximum the windows are open.Five in the morning before I leave and five in the evening.Otherwise I will die,real death.

Two days ago,it snowed,it was lovely,beautiful.That is the only thing that makes me smile during winter,I stayed indoors though,to gaze at the snow.They always insisted in school ‘As white as snow’.For twenty good years I believed it withouht questioning or asking for proof.I was told that teachers are ALWAYS right.

I now have a cogent evidence,I have seen it,touched it,played with it and of course walked on it.I have hated it too………..the cold that comes with it is unbearable.

Once again,it is here, this hard-hearted winter,I know I will make it through,and after that ,I will rejoice all spring,as I bid winter farewell and as I welcome summer,just as I did this past year.