Today I did my share in building the nation. I mean my nation. I have been working for my employer for almost one year now,phew!How time flies! I was not thinking of staying with this person for long, given that I would have several people to work with but mostly to please.

When I grow up, I would like to have no man, no woman employ me, this means at the age of retire, bcoz,when will I say ‘now that I have grown up…’?

My employer seems the best person one would wish to work for,never authoritative, never shifting blames and stress on me!So lovely. I have this feeling that this person has some hidden agenda, just to keep me for some queer reason. I even decided to inquire if she was paying me less than anyone in my position, but no, all was alright.

Am still trying to find a way to just chuck out of this job, I, just like everyone(or almost everyone) do not like my job,I am an ambitious person, who isn’t anyway?We all know that once you start saying that you do not like your job,its time to quit,only that people do not quit!WTF?

Today however, someone ,not a direct employer , but someone I have lots of respect for told me like the cutest words that I have not heard for long,or even never……..

“Thanks a lot for what you have been doing.You have been great, so lovely.  You have been God sent I do not know how we would have been without you, you have been such a blessing, thanks a lot!”

That’s what she told me,what a flatter!But I felt good,I must admit. So these people finally appreciate me, I have not put so much effort though but hey, am glad about this declaration,it keeps me going but come summer, I will not work,I will ONLY rest! (I already have this year’s bikini,so……..hip hip hurray!)

As for now,I will appreciate the fact that some people think am a blessing to them!

AOB: I think Obama is such a cute ass,who can deny this?No one,No one.Michelle too,yes she is a cute ass too. The kids are pretty ,I don’t wanna be vulgar.They are cute girls. I am drunk,I am under the affluence of incohol,but so what?