February 2009

Oh My God,I regret having met him!

There are charming guys, others are charming and intelligent.But there are those who are neither charming nor intelligent,though they seem at first look.But end up learning that they are pure misers.This is what befell me!

I met him a few weeks ago,and I must have been out of me…I gave him my number with no hesitation.A buddy saw me and came to us like”Hey,no,don’t give him your number,you do not even know him!” I judged that as his ‘jealous’ thing. I wish I had listened.

 The guy called me the following day.We met and got to know each other.That’s when I realized that he is boring to death.

He seemed cool.He proposed a drikn at a very cool place,I loved It. We went further and had dinner together. We divided the meal cost(hi hi hi).But I had no problem with that really.

The next time we went out,he (as I came to learn) likes these chic places.This time we went to a touristic place. They do not have the best services………tourists will always go there anyway! I was late,really late(the african in me,or is it just kenyan?). He made a joke that I would pay for the drinks coz I was late.I laughed,at the end of the evening, I paid.

3rd meeting,drinks,as usual in his (wierd)chic places.The prizes are too high.When we get to pay around fifteen twenty euros euros for a glass of cocktail,while we know of places where we pay half for the same,with my kind of pocket………..its just not my thing!I was getting bored and wanted to leave.I yawn when am with him, I chew gum,non stop.I get bored to death. I took out my purse and he went like”I will invite you”……….funny gestures around his pockets,then”oh!Shit,I forgot my wallet”……….of course,silly,I will pay,as usual,that’s what you want,no?I thought to myself.

He proposed to see me the next day,for a movie……..because he had spent a lot of good time with me………I was tempted to say yes.I would let him pay,get in with him then sleep all through.Or excuse myself to the ladies then simply go to my place.But it is not brilliant.An entry to the movies is only six euros…………

Monsieur is still waiting for my call(I always call him,once or twice, he has sent me an sms,asking me to call him!) So unsexy the miser!

Am not bitter,at all, just astonished by some guys’ characters.


Ever since,I have been swearing that I will never,never be a teacher!

My mother is one,my maternal grandpa was one,its in the blood, I am afraid. But I tend to believe that some things in life, especially profession is more of a matter of choice than that of fate. So I refuse to be a teacher.

Strikes bring me to all this!

My University teachers are on strike and it sucks!Really. I had my two week vacation over Christmas, a short brake coz of exams and change of sem.In short,I have had enough of free time that I have had my time to do what I love most:sleep.

Back at home,I used to love those strikes.The school schedule was too tight for me that whenever teachers went on strike,I would sigh, of  relief.

But now surely,why why punish me?I was ready to study like never before.I got to class, as usual,five minutes late ,and I was ready to explain how public transport is just pure shit and how I would have been in class ten minutes in advance.He did not say anything,for once;my Professor! He was busy reading those manifestation posts,those notices done on the net.He let me in and did the same for those others who came in ten,twenty  and half an hour later!

I decided to dance to the music.The french are a serious people.When it means strike,it means all time and entire dedication.

I attended a General meeting. Professors act lust like high School kids, hitting tables and shouting, talking with no orginisation at all.

Oh,my dear teachers,why have you decided to strike?……………