Ever since,I have been swearing that I will never,never be a teacher!

My mother is one,my maternal grandpa was one,its in the blood, I am afraid. But I tend to believe that some things in life, especially profession is more of a matter of choice than that of fate. So I refuse to be a teacher.

Strikes bring me to all this!

My University teachers are on strike and it sucks!Really. I had my two week vacation over Christmas, a short brake coz of exams and change of sem.In short,I have had enough of free time that I have had my time to do what I love most:sleep.

Back at home,I used to love those strikes.The school schedule was too tight for me that whenever teachers went on strike,I would sigh, of  relief.

But now surely,why why punish me?I was ready to study like never before.I got to class, as usual,five minutes late ,and I was ready to explain how public transport is just pure shit and how I would have been in class ten minutes in advance.He did not say anything,for once;my Professor! He was busy reading those manifestation posts,those notices done on the net.He let me in and did the same for those others who came in ten,twenty  and half an hour later!

I decided to dance to the music.The french are a serious people.When it means strike,it means all time and entire dedication.

I attended a General meeting. Professors act lust like high School kids, hitting tables and shouting, talking with no orginisation at all.

Oh,my dear teachers,why have you decided to strike?……………