Me and my little things.

At times I tend to believe that I am mad,for real. But I console myself that all human beings are,but the degree of madness varies.Mine is the nice type,very low degree that is.

Running: Only mad people run around,no? I do not mean running as in jogging,but running as in to catch a bus or train, to get up or down stairs faster.It is so unsexy or unladylike, I know.The other day  I was waiting for a bus with a friend, and another one came to the stop. A  couple came running to catch it.My friend went like  “Oh My God,I just can’t stand guys who run after the bus,if you are late,just chill out the next will come in less than ten minutes!” She was right.I just smiled because I do it,almost unconsiously. In the streets I run .I am always late for appointments.It’s the African in me to blame.Where I grew up,we always said “No Hurry” I leave my place ten minutes to my appointment time,yet I have at least twenty minutes to the place.Something just holds me till I am late.

In winter it is lovely ,it keeps me warm.I get to the metro,eveyone is cold and freezing,but I am hot,so I take off my heavy scarf and jacket……….oh, and it makes life much brighter……….I smile at anyone who’s looking at me…….that kind of smile that says “it’s pretty hot,huh?”