Who said I was homophobic?

Are you homophobic? Is the question I ask people when they seem to damn freak out when they see two men kissing , or two girls caressing.

Down my structure, a cold chill runs. At times I ask myself the question. The answer, of course is no!

 Three days ago, I was with a friend in a pub, having a drink. Two guys came, sat next to us and started talking. After a few minutes ,we learned that they were a couple. They kissed just as two people in love would.

I went downstairs to the ladies, I saw two men doing the same thing. I thought we were mistaken in our choice of the pub. But the waiter saw this as he served us and said :”oh, damn,that’s nasty”. A prove that he is not really used to the scene.

Or still a month or so ago, these two girls in the swimming pool, not only kissing but holding themselves in a somehow embarrassing way. At least for us. This means all those who are subjected to the scene and have no choice. I did not complain, and am not going to do it now because people have the right to love. But when it is extremes,………… did they have to come to the water with us in a public swimming pool?

Just a few weeks ago, I learnt that this friend of mine was gay. I had not known him for ages, but that does not justify my failure to tell it. Right from the first time we met, things just went so cool. I loved holding his hand and walking with him, hugging him warmly and telling him that he was so lovely. Because he is.

He had this long hair that would at times drop in front of his eyes, so he would push it aside. I found this little gesture a bit girlish in some manner. But it rendered him even more cute. I used to smile every time I was with him.

The day I learnt that he was homosexual, I did not get away, no. I remained as usual but things somehow put us apart.

 We no longer meet daily as we used to. So I no longer walk around hand in hand with him. He no longer has long hair, so the girlish thing left him.

 I know he is gay and he still remains one of those people I cherish their company. He has this kind of humour a girl would appreciate. He has no shame in describing his feelings. He does not make me laugh in order to please me then try to hook up with me, no he is just natural.

However the society is, I think homophobia still lingers somewhere in the air!