It is official, I am losing my memory, gradually. It is scary I must admit.

Hope it is not the Alzheimer’s disease attacking me at this time and age. It is not funny I know, but surely how does one explain what has been happening to me?

I had an appointment with this guy. I had no idea how he looks like, yet we had met before. I could not even tell if he was shorter or taller than me, if he had long or short, curly or straight hair.

I met him in a party one evening. We talked for a maximum of ten minutes. In between drinks and music. He was very interesting…….I mean his career and ambitions. But he left, or I left without notice. One of us did not say bye to the other. I insist he is the one who left earlier. Though I cannot confirm. A few days later , talking to a friend who was present at the party, I learnt that they exchanged numbers. I was happy, I decided that one day I would call him to have a chat and find out more about him. Whenever I am interested, I go till the end. I took his number and called him. I was so nervous. Iwent like “am the Kenyan you met at the party and I got your number from…..”I was blabbering for no reason, because  to my surprise, he remembered me.  Yes! A step forward. I was happy. We fixed an appointment. Yes! Another step ahead.

The D-day arrived, I was to meet him. God, how did that guy look like? Appointment fixed at 6pm. Out of the subway,were  many people, how am I supposed to tell who this person is. Well I decided to play. I will look away and he would come to me. There was one particular one who kept throwing his eyes to my direction. I felt horrible because he must be waiting for me to go to him. But I did not dare. What if it wasn’t him, I would feel so stupid. So I kept standing five to ten minutes passed.Well one of us had to and suddenly, he left. I was relieved that it was not him. Moments later, he came back, directly to me and said :”is it me you are waiting for?” Before I could reply he went on explaining to me that the girl he had left with was not the girlfriend, asked if I did not mind taking a drink with him, asked for my number…..and he became boring, I was waiting for someone, damn him! He left me alone…thank God.

I decided to call my friend, the one who gave me his number and asked her to join me. I could not stand what I was feeling, I had to smile to everyone just in case it was “my” guy! I asked her if he was tall or short, all sorts of physical features I could think of. She finally accepted to join me. She saved my ass.

Because he was late, we had enough time to look at all passers by and I would ask, is that him, my friend was like,no, no no.

When he arrived, he did not hesitate, he smiled at us and all was fine.

Today, some guy smiled at me and said hi, just outside my class. I know him, I know I do. I have met him before, but where. This smile is so familiar, but I cannot tell where I saw him. ARRRRGGGG!!!!! Where did I see this face?