May 2009

Whoever said beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, believe you me was right, yeah damn right!

I am not a fan of Facebbook, I must have said this before(the memory thing, failing me again!) But I however get connected from time to time. It feels good meeting long lost friends.

I end up straying, very often,this goes to seeing friends’ photos, and seeing friends’ friends’ photos and comments.And we all agree here that in facebook even enemies and those people we do not give a damn about are called “friends”.

Today, I strayed, as usual. And I fell on these photos, thank God I do not know who the person is. A friend had commented. One other comment was-I copy paste then translate-

T’es trop belle!! C’est dégueulasse pour les autres filles comme moi!!! lol
The translation being,
“you are so beautiful!!It’s disgusting for the other girls like me!!!lol”
The person who left this comment to me was not bad looking, I must say, it is not a personal taste but an average person would say the same.
The other comment is this one where this guy had like a kg of hair gel on his head, sun glasses (indoors) and a kind of pause I will not stand before me, yes. Another friend commented how this guy  had changed his look and looked pretty!
In both cases, the two people are ugly! I mean it. I saw the photos, just to find out how the look to be praised for their looks. I was shocked, ugly, I insist is what I saw.

 Now that Savy awarded me this……..I must say, I am flattered, this award is really merited. And I earned it!


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I love salsa. This dance just sweeps me off my feet. It is the best way to go out, party and do something lovely.It started way back at home. It was an in thing and , I then got to a college that had cheap classes. But I was too broke to afford the “cheap classes”. I learned once in Paris there are salsa schools and evening classes around the city, I joined and that is where I fell deep in it! I love it!


261 euros is my highest  telephone bill, I mean in a month. Two months ago I spent that amount on phone calls and text messages………to mean I talk a lot? Or I listen a lot?



This weekend I participated in a TV show. It is a news show.Guests talked and one was defending the president of Equitorail Guinea, who is undergoing a curruption case. I was going to tell him to shut up because most African leaders are corrupt and we all know that. It was live. I loved it and it was crazy seeing the guy(presenter) who’s always on tv, just next to me. I was impressed.


I love sleeping. Whenever I can, I sleep till way past midday. I defend myself that I went to  boarding schools since the age of ten, I never had the chance to prolong my sleeps, not even over the weekends…….let alone during school vacations. We had only a week or so at home, before holiday tutions. The body needs rest, one day or another;

 I have never climbed up the Eiffel Tower.

When I first came to France, I knew that I would one day have to climb up there. When I first saw it, I loved it, I still remember how I gaped at it, it was so beautiful. I even promised to do so the following week.

Weeks have passed and I still haven’t. Reason? You go there and there are thousands of people in the queue. So you have to stand in a line that advances so slowly for three or four hours! I loose my patience. I end up touching(at times kissing) the foot of the tower. The funny part is trying to locate the middle, three or four people, so distant and each one insisting to be sure of the middle.

But I promise I will this summer.


I come from a big family that keeps growing as time goes, marriages in the past five years add up to three, I have two nephews whom I love more than anything on earth. My family despite the distance counts a lot for me. I love them.


I am a christian, a protestant. I was  baptized at 18.I last went to church several months ago, but that does not make me less a believer, does it?


I love swimming. I go to the swimming pool, at least once a week, or every two weeks. To me it is not a sport but a way to relax………and it is cheap for members in public swimming pools in Paris!! I am not fond of sports.


I love litterature, I read a lot.


I have never voted. And  I dare call myself a patriot.Shame on me!


I now pass the award to Sultry nutter, Pink Memoirs, Xs, Sybella,M,