Whoever said beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, believe you me was right, yeah damn right!

I am not a fan of Facebbook, I must have said this before(the memory thing, failing me again!) But I however get connected from time to time. It feels good meeting long lost friends.

I end up straying, very often,this goes to seeing friends’ photos, and seeing friends’ friends’ photos and comments.And we all agree here that in facebook even enemies and those people we do not give a damn about are called “friends”.

Today, I strayed, as usual. And I fell on these photos, thank God I do not know who the person is. A friend had commented. One other comment was-I copy paste then translate-

T’es trop belle!! C’est dégueulasse pour les autres filles comme moi!!! lol
The translation being,
“you are so beautiful!!It’s disgusting for the other girls like me!!!lol”
The person who left this comment to me was not bad looking, I must say, it is not a personal taste but an average person would say the same.
The other comment is this one where this guy had like a kg of hair gel on his head, sun glasses (indoors) and a kind of pause I will not stand before me, yes. Another friend commented how this guy  had changed his look and looked pretty!
In both cases, the two people are ugly! I mean it. I saw the photos, just to find out how the look to be praised for their looks. I was shocked, ugly, I insist is what I saw.