Their share of the cake, lawyers recieved it too. Who said the bitter cake is only for the less fortunate in the society? And that only manual workers are those who go through painful sacking?

In my endevous to visit Kenya over summer, I decided to search for a job, I am not going to ask my parents for financial aid this time round, not with all the support (more of moral than financial)they give throughout the academic year.

So I opted to keep in touch with old employers, those I parted with smiling and promising to go back once my books don’t take  me too fast anymore. Books have never taken me fast in the past, they are not about to.

So a few weeks back, one of them called me, Thank goodness I did not have to stoop low and call her myself. I refuse to swallow my dignity.I used to  work for her last year. Her main problem was her money, she was too rich to notice that I was not there for life and that I had ambitions too, that the end of my nose was not the limit of my imaginations. So I came up with this reason, that every student should adopt in order to escape from any employer who seems to cling too hard to them.The year ahead will be a tough one, that no time can be spared for part time jobs. That Parents back home are so lovely, so understanding that they will cater for fees, rent,food and transport for the year. That immediately things get better, they will be back working for them, bearing in mind that if possible,they will never set eyes on them. Mine worked. For sure I did not work for the first few months, it was the time I needed to get something else, plus I also wanted to breathe, work, work and more work is just not my thing!

So the call came in, I picked up and pretended to be very busy, so we fixed an appointment for a Sunday,two weeks after. BTW, for those who don’t know, the French are excelent in fixing appointments. No bumping into someone’s house because after all they are friends, or because you know each other so well that you do not even have to call, no!It is the same thing for the Doctor, you are sick but the guy will take an appointment, so if you always have a three day homa, you will see the Doctor seven days later, when you will be well! That is the french system and it seems untouchable!

So back to this lady, we had our “meeting”  in a Chinese restaurant. Why not simply stay home for half an hour or so, instead of going to a restaurant five minutes away? Well I told her that the year was well. She did not waste time to propose “something” for me for next year, I was hesitant! I had said that I passed well, so according to her, next year I would do even better. Who is she to tell that? She even went further to ask me if I had a boyfriend. Through out last year, I was single, apparently, it was not mormal, or so it seemed. I turned “red” or whatever coulour we Blacks turn to when we are embarassed. Damn you, damn you, “yes, I do” I told her, then I imagined an Electronic Technician  or something of the sort. It must have worked bacause the next thing I heard, was “wow, I am happy for you!”.

Now to her. She explained that she lost her job! What, that is now a bad surprise! With all the money she used to earn, she would act like she was going to have it eternally! I felt bad, and deep down my heart,I was sorry and told her that I hoped she would get a new law firm.

So when people are being sacked and I see them on Tv, it seems too far, but when I met someone who just ended jobless, I realize that no one, really no one is immune, from this financial crisis.

I would however love to know how things are in Kenya, now that joblessness has been our problem for decades.