It all started when I was 13, the year I was idle, when I had no books piled in front of my desk. That is when I had time to discover myself, what I liked to do and what kind nof stuff passioned me.

That is  when Michael Jackson and his music became part of me. My elder brothers had his music, they saw how bored I seemed all alone, and brought me two discs, Bad and Thriller. My days changed. From 8:30 am when everyone left the house, these two discs occupied my time. I played them at high blast, the advantage of my home is that neighbours are like miles away that they never notice that the volume of the music is so high, no one ever complained, unlike what would happen if I did the same in my present appartment.

I would play and replay them. Over the weekend, my brothers would come  back, and find me so deep in his music. One of them, the elder one told me “you know that there are loads and loads of  other singles, great hits that you should listen to.” I was sure of that , but I was so attatched to those I was listening to. I was not ready to let go, I did not want more. It was as if setting free the bird that I had in hand, and  with great fear that it would not come back to me. That was MJ’s music in me.

My brothers were impressed, they had never seen so much passion in me to discover music.They knew it would keep me busy, but not to the point of  being my all day occupation.

I naturally learned some singles by heart. I then played them and sung with him, in unison, my voice horse and nasty, not worth listening to, but it suited me so. I was home, alone drowned in MJ’s music, not even my own self would listen to my voice. My aim was singing along to the tune.

Later on, I listened to more of his music and watched his clips.

I tried dancing, the moon walk, but I failed. Who lied that all blacks are good dancers and capable of learning dancing styles so easily? I am a living proof that no!

In high school, I realized that not only did most of my fellow classmates knew little about him but also that some of them disliked him.

Why would anyone like or dislike anyone because of their ups and downs, that was high school,we were young; but even now,I hear people go like “oh, no, he is ugly;look at him; he looks pathetic.”  Just on looking at his physical traits.

I refuse to see people despise him because his skin changed gradually; I would like that he remains appreciated for what he brought to us, the music he fed us with, it was the love he gave to the enitire world, and his music will remain with us!

Thank you for those singles, those great hits that still linger; that the entire world appreciates!

Rest in Paece Michael!