I have to be clear from the beginning, I love kids, I adore them.

Children are so tender, so sincere, so harmless, they are angels.

AT times I try to contemplate how the world would be if we were all kids, I cannot figure it out. Who can anyway?

But now the worry is, everyone, and I mean it, my entire entourage is getting one. Right from family to friends, passing through neigbours and former classmates.

What is happening? Has it been announced(what I must have missed) that baby making is now or never?

I am begining to question my biological clock. Is it the retarted type……the one that goes till late 30s then it realizes that it is time to do something.

I have no problem with that, my fears are two, one , these studies that show that giving birth at 20s is the most advised, because,according to them; the system is most active! Two is that I will be breast feeding when my entourage will be sending their kids to play in the gardens, and they will be attending parties and evenings while the kids are in bed…….or with a baby sitter……..

But in order to get a baby, there has to be ‘the other one’. What should I go for? Long nose?  Muscles? Intelligence? Money(no one wants to reproduce with a poor man after all!)

I can date almost every kind of man, bad boys, not-so-funny type, not rich type(a bank account is essential even if it is almost dry, all time party, like the one on our way to a night club who decided to stay in the boot, or these that know how to have fun and amuse others, apparently it is a very fruitful sport!Lg


NOw am putting into account the fact that I should have a baby too………….advice from mothers and experts highly encouraged!