This could be a true story, like most of my posts,or not, but does not allow any one to judge me on it, pleeeeeaaase!


Earlier today, I was preparing to leave my appartment, I was in no rush, so I took my time with the make up and stuff, when my phone rang.

Whenever it is someone on my phone repertoire, I react accordingly, not pick at all, answer immediately or let pass a few seconds…………

This time it was not the case, it was not a cell phone; most Land line calls are job offers and who would resist to salary rise in this tough world?

I picked and here it went,between the other person,( lets call her woman) and myself,(lbl)

Woman: Hi,my name is Woman(Don’t worry she gave her name)

Upon hearing it, I froze,wtf? Why would this family name call me?? I was asking myself..

Lbl:Ahh……..yes. I was hesitating, not knowing what to expect.By this time I was sure it was no job offer.She went on..

Woman:Tell me what are you doing with my husband?

LBL: What do you mean your husband, who is he?

She gave his name, but from the time she told me hers, I was sure it was him.

Now here is the the thing, I contested having anything to do with the guy, I even went telling her how I had a boyfriend and how I was happy and satisfied in my love life. I suggested to her to talk to the husband because I had a clear conscience, she refused and asked me to keep off her husband..My God, am I that nasty, do I go breaking couples? I have never thought of myself like that, normaly, a married man is automatically out my my game, he simply loses his charm…….what I know is that he belongs to someone else and can never belong to me, I do not believe in unfaithfulness,I always say, any unfaithful person should be condemned to lonelines, no more dates,no more love and no more sex.

The question is, what was it between me an the Woman’s Husband?

I met him at one diplomatic function, I did not know him, but I learned  that he works at an embassy…….again in a wedding, he asked for my number, I gave him(what is wrong with that?)……., I ran into him down the streets, this big city is small finaly……..we  thought of meeting again………..he suggested going for a weekend, I hesitated, not to offend him, I chose silence, till the day I received his mail, I replied, he text me, I replied, we fixed a rendezvous, for lunch. This was cool with me, He does not please me,hope he’s not in for anything.

The lunch was cool, learned  a bit about him, asked aech other questions, then, bye-bye. Out of courteousness, I sent him a text message, saying thanks for the lunch. He replied almost immediately with a”welcome”. A week or so later, he calls, I do not pick…three days after, why the silence, a message(sms) then a proposition to go out of the city for a weekend again. This time I reply. “I am ok, how about you? Have a lovely week”……..I ignore his weekend offer, again. It was aound 11 pm when I sent him this.

For a married man, he must be home with his wife. But to be sincere I had no idea that he had a wife, he is not young but I thought he should have informed me or something.

Here I must precise that he is African. The wife too, I suppose, and from her accent too.

So the woman said:

“Yes you say nothing, yet you go for lunch together?? You send him messages??”

I only defended myself by asking her if my messages were suspicious, no! But she refuses to listen to e, I told her that it was stupid of her……..

 I told her that I simply reply, in  most cases to his messages, but had no queer intetions, and to add to that I was not aware he was married. That is when she went,

Now you know it,he is my husband and keep away!”

All I said was that I was sorry for the misunderstanding and that I was not and would never be interested in anyway by the husband.

I was about to mention that he was twice my age and that I was not that type of girl, but according to her, having lunch with him is something already.

She refused to ask him about me, she goes around spying his phone……….

And minutes ago, the man in question sends me an sms:Hi, how is the going?Talk to me! You do not talk much!

I choose silence, I would not call him to inform him this…….. but I refuse to dance to his music.

No wonder some couples are never happy, can’t people communicate between themselves?