I am searching for Price charming. The one who resembles one who would fall from the sky. The one I would see and say that he is perfect, good-looking, but not excess, polite but not too much, protective but not exergerrated.

Yes, Pince Charming.

He will listen to me and not cut me off when I talk, look at me in the eyes and not lie to me.

I expect him to have confidence in me. In those cases where I will cheat on him, he will trust all my crap that my cousin( I have over hundred, so he will not have to ask which one) called me bacause he damn needed a baby sitter. He will not follow me to find out what I am doing.Since I am allergic to footsteps. He will not ask me suspicious questions. I cannot bear them.

He will be tender and romantic. He will take me out on picnics. He will drink and smoke if he wants, under the condition that I will also do the same.Imean what I want.

He will shut up when I want him to, he will talk, and no nonsense will be allowed.

He will never, or rarely meet my parents and family. He will do it only on funerals to support and encourage me, and in weddings to drive me home when I am drunk.

He will never ask me to add weight, and worse still to lose weight. He will never ask me to throw away my old jeans, or to think not of my sneakers, but only put on high heeled shoes even on Saturdays!

The number of times he will invite me to restaurants for lunch or dinner, will be superior than the number or times I will buy him drinks and coffee.

He will read “Men Come from Mars and Women come From Venus”, just to try to understand the other sex. He will understand that we were not brought up by the same mother and that the two of us are compeletely different.

The list is long.

If you have these aspects, or friends, family and relatives, enemies too who posess them, keep in touch.

Post vacant, intake immediate.The earlier the better.