Here I come, my block turn is here, as all bloggers know, it is something we fear it will catch up with us, it often does, sooner or later.

Mine is here, it came, it seems to have built a villa just to tell me “hey buddy, I aint going nowhere”. I welcomed it at first, the african me smiled and said, Ok, I will host it then chase it as soon as possible. I didn’t.

You see, it is this thing that gets to you when you want to write a blog, that prevents you from doing it, sucks up all the intelligence in you, all the writing techniques that you have…. Hmmmmm, and once it comes it refuses to leave.

I have reasons. One is because I suddenly got busy and hardly have time to do anything. It’s crazy but yes, one can get really busy, such that at 11:45 pm, you go like…….have I had dinner? I think so, well time to sleep, tomorrow very early I need to, be at work (or in school). Then you remember  that not all your schoolwork i s done, yet it is needed for the next day…. one more hour of study, hasty revision or homework….it makes me think of highschool. I was much organized then , or I simply had less things to do. Today of course,things have changed.

My second reason is that my society, the present one, is just not my thing….you see, I spent all my life in Africa, Europe is one other thing. Some may call this culture shock. Culture shock? I have been here for years, so screw culture shock, I call it culture rebellion. I used to hang out with “these people” back then when I just knew them, life was funny and cool. When you get to learn then more, you are left wondering what on earth creeps in your  young mind to want to spend time with them. Not everyone of them, of course.

I watch TV and I tell myself, oh shit I will bury my head, there’s no way people who watched that will see me, oh Africa, I LOVE you but….One of them was a short documentary on people in Northern Kenya who have to kill each other for water….those who are not open-minded must be scared of Kenyans. I was almost convinced too when I remembered that I was Kenyan ….

Often I see  children carrying guns……….and they say “In Africa, children of 8 carry guns, and shoot”

Or  “poverty and AIDS are wildly consuming the poorest continent”

It is true, but is that really what Africa is made of? Poverty, AIDS and civil wars? I believe that we have other things than that…

Hope my blog block leaves me soon.